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Have you heard the rumor going around that bacon is actually healthier than tilapia? That sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s because…it is crazy! With the help of Snopes, Mayo Clinic dietician Liz Knapp, Livestrong and others we are helping debunk the rumors and learn the real truth about tilapia!

Tilapia is a freshwater, plant eating fish. Tilapia is a farm raised fish, but this does not need to be a red flag. In fact, fish farms are able to feed tilapia with healthier grains, and farms are able to produce tilapia year round. Check out Everyday Health to learn more about the process of fish farming.

Tilapia may also have health benefits. Tilapia is high in protein and low in fat. Famous athletes like Tom Brady and Cam Newton have turned to seafood as their main sources of protein because of the low fat levels. The high fat levels from beef and pork were counterbalancing the protein. Athletes need high protein, low fat sources to build and maintain muscle. Berkley Wellness at the University of California sums up tilapia as, “a good source of lean protein and is better for you than fatty meats like burgers and bacon.” To learn more about the health benefits of tilapia, check out Step to Health’s article!

Tilapia is one of the most commonly consumed fish in the world. To research more about tilapia, seafood, and aquaculture, check out these informational articles and websites!


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